News Release: Sedale Threatt Jr Joins Altona Gators BIGV Coaching Team

The Altona Gators would like to thank David Nesbitt, Craig Bennett, David Formosa and

Barry Harrison for their guidance of our Youth League Men’s Program for the past three

seasons and acknowledge their contributions to our Club. The Gators won the Youth

League One Championship in 2016 and were promoted to the Youth Championship

competition for both the 2017 & 2018 seasons but struggled to return to their

championship form from 2016.

Altona have secured the services of Sedale Threatt Jr. to lead the Youth League Men in

2019 and beyond. As the Altona Gators look to the future, the Youth League Men’s

coaching appointment for the 2019 season was considered to be critical for the club’s long

term success. “Gaining Sedale was the first move as our club is ready to take big steps

forward with regards to professionalism, performance, culture, development and

sustainability”, said Altona Director of Coaching Randy Shanklin. Threatt has a track

record of developing players to play at very high levels of both the Australian and American

systems. These qualities along with Threatt’s exciting style of play were extremely

important toward his appointment. Altona can look forward to a high paced aggressive

style of play that will have the whole club excited to get down to “The Swamp” to rally

behind this amazing basketball spectacle.

Altona has also re-appointed Division Two Men’s Head Coach Des Radoslovic (2018 Div

Two Men COTY Runner-up) and Victorian Youth Championship Women’s Head Coach

Randy Shanklin (2018 VYCW COTY) for the upcoming 2019 Big V season. The Division

Two Men finished 9th and just outside of a finals spot. The Youth Championship Women

finished 15-7 and in a 4-way tie for the last 3 finals positions narrowly missing out by one

percentage point. The Big V season for all three teams starts in March 2019, but stay

tuned for updates to come down and watch trainings and practise matches as the teams

prepare for a big year!