Basketball is intended to be a recreational activity for enjoyment and health.  This code of conduct has been developed by Basketball Victoria to give participants some guide to the expectations it has on those participants.  It is intended to assist everyone to obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in basketball. As a result, the quality of participation will be improved so people are more likely to start and continue their involvement in basketball. Enjoy!!

  1. Interpret rules and regulations fairly and to match the skill level and the needs of the participants.
  2. Compliment both teams on their efforts.
  3. Be consistent, objective and courteous in calling all infractions.
  4. Promote fair play and appropriate sporting behaviour.
  5. Publicly encourage rule changes.
  6. Ensure that both on and off the court your behaviour is consistent with the principles of good sportsmanship.
  7. Keep your knowledge current.
  8. Help the education process in the game.
  9. Always present yourself in a way which encourages others to respect you and your role.
  10. Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.

The whole code is availableOFFICIALS long