2021 Senior Domestic Competition

December 7, 20200

We are looking at starting basketball competitions in January 2021 if the current COVID climate remains as is.

We will be running two competitions:- a Back to Basketball competition for 6/7 weeks from 24th January 2021(no finals) and a regular Winter 2021 from the 14th March 2021. Both competitions will be covered by one team registration fee for both seasons.

Please note you can only register in the Back to Basketball competition and at present and we will advise the registration process at a later date for the Winter 2021 season.

  1. Basketball Victoria has introduced a new registration system called PlayHQ in place of Sportstg
  2. Players will be required to complete an individual player registration with Basketball Victoria with an annual fee of $39.00 per player (18 and over), valid for 365 days payable once a year regardless of how many times or teams you play with during a year.
  3. Please ensure you use the same email address each time you register or you will have to pay another $39.00 fee as this system recognises your email address as the main checking point for your registration.

ALL TEAMS:        Please note you are required to register your team as a new team before your players can register individually. Once you have registered your team you will need to send the link to your players so when they register they can link to your team.

Teams who paid and registered before COVID will receive a separate letter advising them of their process to enter the competition.

Please follow the below link


Season Start Dates for the Summer2020/2021(Back to Basketball)

Sunday Mixed and Over 35 competition               24th January 2021- 28th February 2021(6 Weeks)

Games start at 6.00pm on Sundays


Monday Mens and Under 21 competition            25th January 2021 – 1st March 2021 (6 Weeks)

Games start at 7.00pm on Mondays      


Wednesday Mens & Womens                                    27th January 2021 – 10th March 2021 (7 Weeks)

Games start at 6.35pm on Wednesdays


Season Start Dates for the Winter 2021

Sunday Mixed and Over 35 competition               14th March 2021- 15th August 2021(20 Weeks)

Games start at 6.00pm on Sundays


Monday Mens and Under 21 competition            15th March 2021 – 16th August 2021 (21 Weeks)

Games start at 7.00pm on Mondays      


Wednesday Mens & Womens                                    17th March 2021 – 18th August 2021 (23 Weeks)

Games start at 6.35pm on Wednesdays

Sunday                 Semi Finals 22nd August   Prem Finals 29th August Grand Final 5th September 2021

Monday               Semi Finals 23rd   August  Prem Finals 30th August Grand Final 6th September  2021

Wednesday       Semi Finals 25th August Prem Finals 1st September Grand Final 8th September 2021


TEAM REGISTRATION FEE – $80.00 per team for one or both seasons

TEAM BOND – New teams only – $100.00 (per invoice)


TEAM SHEET  $65.00 paid prior to each game at the canteen

COVID-19 Protocols
As an Association, we understand the importance of the safety of our teams and players. Therefore, COVID-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to.

A copy of the protocols is attached. We request you make sure you understand and adhere to these protocols.

UNIFORM              0, 00, Taping of numbers and Duplicate numbers are not permitted: exception is to save a walkover

WALKOVER FEE   is double court hire costs

SCORING               Teams must supply a competent scorer for their game prior to the match commencing and that person is required to score the entire game. Players cannot play and score.

QUALIFY FOR FINALS         Players must play a minimum of 5 games to qualify for finals after being registered online.

FIXTURES             will be prepared from the team registrations received by Wednesday 13th January 2021

Fixtures will be on www.altonabasketball.com.au one week prior to the first round.

To play in the Senior Competition all players must be over the age of 14 years.

Should you need any further assistance, please email on jnoshea6@gmail.com

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