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November 21, 2020

We hope you and your family are well. It has been truly wonderful having players back in the Stadium over the last couple of weeks. We are pleased to announce the details for try-outs for the 2021 VJBL season.

Try-out Details 

Given the time we have all been away from basketball and COVID-19 restrictions, the try-outs will be slightly different this year.  VJBL have indicated that we will commence grading in January 2021. As such, there is a need to have our team selection finalised prior to Christmas. While many players have resumed training, we understand that not everyone has had the opportunity to do so. Accordingly, each player registered for try-outs will undertake two compulsory training sessions prior to the try-outs process commencing.

The times for these try-outs are listed below. Please make sure you sign up for the correct age group.

Altona Gators Tryout Schedule 2020-2021

Under 21 try-outs will commence in January 2021 as their competition will commence in Grading Phase 2.


We thank everyone who has completed an expression of interest for try-outs. This has assisted us greatly to plan. There is no requirement for you to register again.

If you haven’t registered for tryouts yet, please do so at by Wednesday, 25th November 2020 at 6:00pm. A player will not be able to try-out if they do not pre-register. This will allow us to ensure we comply with COVID protocols.

Permission to Train

If you have played basketball at another Representative Club in 2019/2020 or earlier, you are required to obtain a Permission to Train prior to attending your first try-out. Please email this to

COVID-19 Protocols
As a club, we understand the importance of the safety of our players and coaches. Therefore, COVID-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to. A copy of the protocols is attached. We request you make sure you understand and adhere to these protocols. Parents are not permitted to attend try-outs, however if your child has a medical condition that requires your attendance, please make note of this when registering for try-outs.

Return to Train Protocols (Indoors)

Team Selection

Please find attached an information booklet about try-outs which provides further information about the selection process. Each player will be emailed at the conclusion of the tryout period information about their team selection. You will have 48 hours to accept your place in the team. We anticipate that teams will have a training session prior to Christmas.

Altona Gators Tryout Booklet 2020-2021

Given we need to adhere to VJBL timeline for return and wish to ensure families can have a break over Christmas, as we understand it has been a difficult year for everyone, our registration timeframes will be shorter than usual. We kindly request you ensure you make sure you register as requested.


We require volunteers to assist with the try-out process. For example, marshalling players prior to each session. If you are able to assist, please email with your details and availability.

Player Well-being and Holistic Development Program

In 2021, we will be implementing a holistic development program. The program aims to ensure our players are educated with respect to the importance of well-being, resilience, nutrition, strength and conditioning and community engagement. We understand that 2020 has been a very difficult for everyone and want to ensure all our players are well supported both on and off the basketball court.

In mid-2021, the extension to the Altona Sports Centre will be completed. This will be very exciting for our entire Gator’s Family. We look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

If you have any questions, please email


Marie Costello – Program Coordinator

Randy Shanklin – Director of Coaching


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