Coach Development

ABBA is committed to the development of our domestic and representative coaches.
BV Coach Accreditation Scheme - Altona Gators

Basketball Victoria

As a Basketball Victoria affiliated association, ABBA and the Altona Gators promote the use of BV resources to develop coaches.

Basketball Victoria has a number of Coaching Clinic Videos done by some of the Best Junior & Senior Coaches in Australia.

These great Coaches demonstrate their experience in getting the best outcome in Player Development leading to Team Success which is an extremely valuable resource for all Coaches at all levels:

Coaching Courses

Coaching is a great way of being involved in basketball, whether you have stopped playing, coaching your son or daughter in a local Aussie Hoops program, getting involved with a team at your club or association, or taking the next step in your coaching career.

Basketball Victoria can give you appropriate training and support to step into a coaching role and develop your skills. Basketball Victoria offers a range of coaching clinics and courses designed to suit all coaches, regardless of experience or qualification.

Coaching Podcasts

The Coaching Podcast is a new initiative by Basketball Victoria, designed to provide all coaches with the tool and a greater understanding of some of the hot topics.

Join our team – Rob Coulter and Mike Czepil – as they delve into the issues requiring greater focus and discussion beyond what is  generally covered in a standard x’s and o’s session.

Basketball Australia National Coaching Resource

The National Coaching Resource was released in October 2017, and is part of Basketball Australia’s ongoing commitment to supporting coaches at all levels of the sport.

Whether coaching a Aussie Hoops program or Basketball Australia’s National Performance Program (NPP), the National Coaching Resource offers practical guidelines to coaches that will give them confidence that the information they’re teaching their players is setting them on the path to represent the green and gold.

Coaches can discover coach development activities in their region and store them in their e-calendar, as well as watching an extensive video library of coaching clinics from FIBA, Basketball Australia and each State/Territory Association.

For those enjoying a quick read over a video, the website includes blogs and factsheets from Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence staff and other contributors.


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