Senior Domestic Using Teampay

May 10, 20210

ABBA is excited to announce the use of Teampay!

This app will allow you to pay your game fees electronically as a team or as an individual in that team! No more stopping for cash and needing change.

The refs will be able to see that you have paid and will commence the game. If not, they will direct you to pay immediately. It will just take a couple of minutes to do.

Teampay will be ready for your games from Wednesday the 12th of May, so send the below information and your team code to your teammates and ensure they register asap.

Follow the steps below and find your Team Code on the attached document and get started.

  1. Download the TeamPay App – Simply download the Teampay app by going to the IOS App store or Android Play Store. Sign up by registering your details and allocating your preferred debit/credit card.
  2. Register your Team – Grab your unique team code HEREHave all your teammates join your team using the unique team access code. 
  3. Pay your Game Fees – On game night only the captain / team manager needs to login and select who’s playing. Confirm by selecting charge and the payment will process within seconds.

Team codes can also be found HERE.

Please note teams will be the game clock will start at the appointed time but the game will not commence until both teams have paid game fees via Teampay.

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