Senior Winter Season 2023 Registrations

March 6, 20230

Registrations are now open for the Winter Season 2023. We are pleased to introduce a Mixed Competition as well as an Over 35s Competition.

Team Registrations

Team registrations must be completed through Player HQ. Registrations are now open at the following link:

Please follow the prompts to register your team. You will need to nominate the grade you wish to play in, which will usually be your current grade but if you are unsure or wish to change, please email

If you do not wish to return, please email to ensure any additional teams can be added in.

We request you do not change your team name, if you do, please advise us.

The registration fee for the new season is $80 per team, payable through Player HQ.

The team sheet will be $70 per week. Payable through TeamPay.

The bond payable $130 for new teams.

Player registration

Once you have registered your team, you will need to invite the players in your team to register, by forwarding them the team link. All players will need to be registered before Round 1. While there is not an individual player registration fee, each player is required to pay the annual Basketball Victoria player registration fee of $43. This registration lasts for 365 days.

Key Dates

Team Registrations will be accepted up until 6 April 2023.

At the current time, the grades will remain on the same night as current (Monday and Wednesday) please ensure you nominate your preferred day and grade.

A Mixed Competition will run on Monday nights and an Over 35 League on Wednesday nights, if we have sufficient interest.

The new season will commence on 17 April 2023 (Monday Night Competition) and 19 April 2023 (Wednesday Night Competition).

Finals will be held on week commencing 11 September 2023. There will be no games on the King’s Birthday weekend.

If you wish to play however do not have a team, please register your interest at the following link:

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